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The Rapture! Why The Confusion?

What does the Bible say about the Rapture? What did Jesus teach about it? Why is there so much confusion? Marquis examines why what the Bible teaches about this event isn't very popular these days. Part 1 of 3.

The Future of Your Body: Transhumanism in The Bible Part #3 (Re-broadcast)

How do technology, genetics, robotics, and trans-humanism fit into Bible prophecy? Marquis discusses the biblical end-times scenario of the future of our bodies, and the satanic substitute about to be revealed.

The Future of Your Body: Transhumanism in The Bible Part #2 (Re-broadcast)

What are some of the amazing things you can do to "upgrade" your body right now? Marquis discusses the huge push for making our bodies be "more than human", and how these rapidly developing technologies play right into the biblical prophetic career of the Antichrist.

The Future of Your Body: Transhumanism in The Bible Part #1 (Re-broadcast)

The Future of Your Body Part #1: What does the Bible predict about our bodies? Is mankind destined to be "more than human"? Are we being sold on the ultimate upgrade? From genetic engineering, to robotics Marquis discusses the plot to make you "like God", and how it fits into Bible prophecy.

Aliens In The Bible Part #3 (Re-broadcast)

Aliens are in the Bible and they play an important part in Bible Prophecy. Marquis discusses the end-times events that appear to include "alien" involvement, the preparation for us to accept this delusion, and the anti-christ's relationship with aliens. (Part 3 of 3).

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